Best Laptops for Science Students 2022

If you are pursuing a major in science and looking for a laptop that suits your curriculum, an excellent, worthy computer will be your primary demand.

Finding a good laptop is not hard, but getting the best laptops for college is challenging. As a science student, you should make sure to get a computer with a fast processor performance, storage, good RAM, and long-lasting battery.

We will discuss below in detail the best laptops for both college and high school science students, including their price.

We have managed to sample some best laptops for science students in 2020 because of the wide variety of laptop options in the industry. Below are the options that will most likely help you.

Microsoft Surface Pro 612.3″16GB1TBWindows 10 HomeView
Lenovo ThinkPad X114″16GB512GBWindows 10View
Apple 13″ MacBook Air13.3″8GB128GBMac OS X 10.0 CheetahView
Huawei MateBook X Pro13.9″8GB256GBWindows 10 HomeView
LG gram Thin and Light Laptop17″16GB512GBWindows 10 HomeView
ASUS ZenBook 1414”16GB512GBWindows 10 HomeView
Apple MacBook Pro13”8GB256GBMac OSView
HP ENVY13.3″16GB512GBWindows 10 HomeView
Razer Blade Stealth13.3″16GB256GBWindows 10 HomeView
HP – Spectre x36013.3″8GB256GBWindows 8View
Dell XPS 13 936013.3″8GB128GBWindows 10View

Reasons why you should Buy a Laptop

Most science-related courses, especially for college students, require practical knowledge. It involves a series of assignments and examinations over the entire class.

You will get projects which need you to access a computer lab, but a laptop would be required to accomplish your work if it is not in reach. It will also allow you to work on the project according to your schedule without restrictions.

Science students must have a laptop. They need to use essential software in the curriculum and learn how to code while being taught.

Coding is considered an integral part of a computer science student and needs continuous practice to perfect it and create new programs.

Science Student Laptop Buying Guide

What are the Best Laptops for Science Students

There are many questions with no clear answer when you want to buy a laptop. Generally, when people ask about which laptop they should buy, there’s no particular answer that can be given to them. We will discuss a set of criteria that you should consider when purchasing a laptop.

  • RAM

The rare minimum size of RAM you should consider in 2022 is 8GB, which allows for more applications to run simultaneously and for easy access to data by the system when you handle complex tasks.

  • Storage

Technology has advanced, and a Solid State drive is used nowadays. The SSD offers a lot more speed than the hard drive, and its installation can be in any form factor that is weightless and runs silently.

A computer science student should get an SSD laptop rather than HDD because of how fast it is. The best HDD laptops would be recommended for high school students because they do not handle bulky work,

  • Battery life

Many variables affect battery life, such as screen brightness, screen resolution, connection to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices, and how many applications are running in the background.

A college science student will run a lot of programs in their laptop that need lots of processing; this will make the battery drain faster, so you need to consider the battery rating. The larger the rating figures, the longer the battery.

  • Central processing unit

Intel core offers the best processing unit in the world when it comes to multimedia tasks and multitasking. The majority of mainstream computers have a core i5, while those systems that have a core i7 are for those that want the best performance. Core i7 machines produce more heat than the others because of the processor is fast.

Ideally, students will spend more if they want such a laptop, which is better than most students who look for the best laptops under $500.

  • Screen quality and graphics

If you are a student, you should select modern laptops that offer 4K resolutions with excellent graphics, especially when doing complex tasks. Touchscreens are the most common screens today that you can use, and they make your work easier. Do not look for glossy screens because they lead to reflections that hurt the eye and strain them.

  • Budget

Rarely does a laptop satisfy all your needs, especially when it comes to price? Therefore, you need to balance your needs and budget and probably make some compromises.

Science Students Laptops Reviews

HP Spectre 2019 x360 2-in-1 13.3″

2019 HP Premium Spectre

The HP Spectre x360 has a stunning design that will attract college students at first sight. It is one of the best contenders in the world of premium 2-in-1 windows laptops that is reasonably priced.

It highlights an improvement in the design with a 90 percent body-to-screen ratio and has an updated chassis with slimmer bezels, Intel’s 10th Gen processor, and a bright display of 1080p.

Having 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, it has a 4.6GHz core i7. The Spectre also gives you a 13+ hour battery life7.

With an ultraportable design, epic battery life, fast performance, and comfortable keyboard, this type of laptop will be the best choice for any college science student in 2020.


  • 4K OLED screen
  • 13.3-inch touch screen
  • Integrated LTE
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • Well-positioned power button
  • Iris plug graphics
  • Long battery life
  • Has Digital pen included


  • A lot of bloatware

2019 HP Envy 13 13.3″

HP Envy 13 Ultra Thin Laptop

The Envy 13 switched to the new Nvidia MX250 GPU, and its trackpad experience is hugely improved.

HP Envy is thin 14.7mm and weighs 2.82 pounds. Despite being compact, it has the USB Type-A ports, which are generation 3.1, and you also use any of the 65W Type-C chargers to charge this laptop. It comes with a stunning 13.3-inch 4K UHD display.

The Envy 13 has an 80.92 percent screen-to-body ratio because of the narrow bezels that it has. As far as the battery life, it can run up to 5 hours of use.

With this laptop being beautiful, pretty much excellent performance, and the 4K display, you should consider buying it as a science student. Besides, it is moderately priced than the other laptops in its range.


  • 4K display
  • Turbo boost technology
  • Integrated graphics
  • GeForce MX250 Graphic


  • Productivity performance is solid
  • Good touchpad and keyboard
  • Attractive design
  • Bright and sharp display


  • Lacks Thunderbolt 3

ASUS Zen Book UX333FA-DH51 Laptop

ASUS ZenBook UX333FA-DH51 Laptop

The Zen Book 13 is more compact, slimmer, and looks incredibly stunning. It is a contender to the Dell XPS 13 in the market. This laptop stands out from the crowd because of its unusual looks; it has a unique blue-and-gold colorway, a top-tier laptop line Asus debuted in 2017.

Being the very picture of a modern laptop, it measures 0.55 inches and weighs 2.75 pounds. Though it lacks the thunderbolt three connectivity, it comes with the Type C generation 3.1 USB port.

Asus has packed Intel cores i5-8265U hardware in the Zen Book 13, with a quad-core chip with a maximum clock speed of 3.9 GHz, which is impressive. The battery runs for a more extended period of about 13+ hours of use, which is perfect for students.


  • Stylish design
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Slim
  • Compact


  • Long battery life
  • UHD screen
  • Good performance
  • Distinct and attractive design


  • Small touchpad

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